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Welcome to Guntech Adventures

Click here to install Guntech now for iPhone or iPad (supports iOS 14!)

Guntech is an insanely fun retro-style arcade shooter, a "shmup" or "shoot 'em up" where you navigate a space ship, blast enemies, haul cargo and solve missions.

Guntech has been optimized for iOS and touch screens, providing smooth 60 fps action with beautiful 3D graphics!

Collect cool rocket ships, customize yours with weapons, shields, radar and other equipment!

Guntech is free to play, so try it out now!

Update: Guntech Dark Worlds update is out now, adding more levels and equipment! See the video below for intro on what's new.


The Development story

My name is Jani Penttinen, and I created this game. I've made games all my life, and this game is in fact a remake of my very first published game fro 1993. That game was called Utopos, and it was released on Atari ST. This resulted in an amazing career in game development. In the end I worked at Westwood Studios, the number one game studio in the world at the time, working on Command & Conquer franchise (here's my full history as a game developer:

Over the years I lost the passion and somehow drifted to doing something completely different. About three years ago, I was talking to my young kids. I had given up game developed several years earlier, so they had no idea I had ever made games. For them I was working the most boring business job, and they couldn't be less interested in my work. Somehow I mentioned that I used to be a game developer...

You should have seen their faces! It's almost as if I told them their dad used to be a rock star. Suddenly I was cool. We talked for a long time, and I ended up downloading Unity (which I had never used before), and tinkering something for a while. Then I asked my daughter to draw a game character on paper. We scanned it, and I imported it to the little app I had running.


All of a sudden, the little character she had drawn on a piece of paper was jumping on the screen! She was so excited! The next day when she came from school, the first thing she said was that she wants to make games with me again. And so we did some more tinkering, but it quickly became obvious that my skills were lacking. Kids are not very patient, and if I need to keep learning stuff all the time, they lose their interest. 

So, I decided that I need to re-learn how to make games. I had a long history as a professional game developer behind me, but I had never made mobile games, and I had never used Unity. In order to learn everything, I figured that the best course of action would be re-creating the first game I had ever made, from start to finish. 

That is why this game was made. I figured it would take about 3 months, but it ended up taking 3 whole years! Granted, at that time I was working full time somewhere else, so I only had nights and weekends. Sometimes I had to take couple months off to do other stuff. But here we are now - the game is finished, I have quit my job and I am all-in full time game developer wannabe rock star once again!

Please enjoy Guntech Adventures! I have put a lot of love into creating it. If you have any questions or comments, the best way is to reach out through Discord:


Back story:



At the dawn of the space age, a utopian colony was founded in the Kuiper Belt as a place of new hope for human civilization.



It failed.



Utopos became a place for those who have lost all hope. Smugglers, criminals, failed warriors... and you.

Take control of your faith, rising from the bottom to the top of the food chain. Start with a simple but totally useful Stingray fighter ship, complete missions and earn your way to commanding bigger and better ships.

Join the Vestapolis Racing League, the "Formula 1" of rocketship racing, to earn even bigger rewards. 

Guntech is updated frequently, and the story lives on... downloading it now, free of charge, from the Apple App Store:

Guntech is also available in Steam Early Access for PC and Mac. The PC and Mac versions can be found in Steam from this link. There's a free fully playable demo, go play it now!

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