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Guntech is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone). There are also PC and Mac versions currently in Steam Early Access.


This is a game that has been designed to play best at 60 fps (frames per second). It runs on any reasonably modern computer, but you may need to lower the screen resolution or choose lower graphics detail from in-game settings to make it run at full speed.

We are updating Guntech regularly, and often. We are adding more levels, more weapons, more widgets and even more ships over time!

If you need help, or if you just want to chat with the developers, please join our Discord here:

You can also reach us via email

Some pointers:

  • Did you know most Guntech levels have hidden rooms full of coins and other treasures?

  • Did you know you get a daily reward of 20 coins just by loading up the game? Head out to the ship configuration and click the Coin Shop button to claim your reward!

  • Did you know you can control the ship from any point of the screen? The virtual joystick is just there for clarity, but you are free to tap and move the finger at any point of the screen, and it will work just as well!

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