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Play Guntech 2 for Nintendo Switch now!


Guntech 2 is a twin-stick shooter that offers fast-paced arcade action, co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players, tons of weapons and ships and many hours worth of exciting levels to beat! Add to the mix epic boss battles, incredible graphics and fast framerate, and you have a real classic in your hands!

Guntech 2 is also available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Atari VCS and Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux).



Guntech 2 is currently available for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S. Featuring 4k / 60 FPS action, it's a dream-come-true for old-school shooter fans!


Reviews have been great, the game has been called "The Best New Arcade Space Shooter" and it won an Indie Game of the Month award from Metacritic-accredited Video Chums! 

Get Guntech 2 on the Xbox store here:



Guntech 2 launched on Steam on February 16, 2022. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux! Get it right here:

Guntech 2 is a return of the good old “cave flyer” shoot ’em ups genre. It's a retro-style game where state-of-the-art graphics and visual effects are combined with classic gameplay. It’s a twin-stick shooter influenced by such classics as Thrust, Oids, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids. You can play in single-player, or couch co-op with up to 4 players! 



You can play either with a game controller or with keyboard + mouse. With a game controller, Guntech 2 is a twin-stick shooter where you use the left stick to steer and thrust your ship, and the right stick to control the railgun. Your ship has a total of three different weapons. 

The shoulder buttons fire the two additional, more powerful weapons which always fire in the direction of your ship's nose. This gives you the ability to shoot any direction using the railgun, with extra firepower when you position your ship towards the enemy.

Using a keyboard you use WASD or the arrow keys to steer and thrust, SHIFT / SPACE for the other weapons and a mouse for the railgun.



Guntech 2 has 5 distinct worlds: Tutorial, Virus, The Dark Worlds, Space Jungle, and Cargo Hauler. Each world has 8 levels plus a boss level at the end. Additionally, there are seasonal levels that are funny and silly little missions themed for seasons like Christmas and Halloween.

You can play either in ARCADE or ADVENTURE mode. The adventure mode lets you play any unlocked level, so you can continue conquering the world from where you left off. You have a fresh set of lives for each level. Each level has three different goals. The first is mandatory for passing the levels and will earn you one star. The other level goals will earn you additional stars, and you can try to clear all levels to 3-star results.

The arcade mode allows you to choose any world that has been unlocked, but you always start from the first level, trying to make it to the end. You have a set of lives that doesn't reset for each level, and the game is over when you run out of lives. In the arcade mode, you play for score and a leaderboard position.



There are 20 different weapons. You get the initial weapons when the game starts, and you can earn more by playing. The weapons have different characteristics and it's up to you to figure out which works best for your playing style, and for any particular level. You can acquire new weapons between levels, but you can switch freely between the owned weapons during the gameplay.


It takes about 30 minutes to play through the tutorial, and each world gets gradually more difficult from then on. An experienced player could probably finish all levels in 6-7 hours if they were really good, but it will likely take quite a bit longer if you take your time to explore the levels and find all the hidden treasures. There's a lot of replayability since you can replay the early levels using the new ships and weapons you have acquired in the later levels, and you can try your luck in the arcade mode and beat your friends' high scores.


Guntech 2 has dozens of achievements and earning all of them requires you to complete all levels and discover (and destroy) every enemy type the game has to offer. Some of the fun achievements call for finishing a level with less than 5% of shield left or maxing out a one of the weapons.

Back story

Utopos Space Station was the new hope for humans. It failed. Never underestimate human greed. 

Your job is to clean up the mess. Fight alien life forms, rescue scientists, deliver vaccines to combat a deadly pandemic. The asteroid belt is filled with wild space aliens, many of them results of failed human experiments to create life that survives in space. You will even find a dragon in space!


The Development story

My name is Jani Penttinen, and I created this game. Guntech 2 is the latest game in the long-running Utopos-series. I've made games all my life, and this game is in fact a sequel to a remake of my very first published game. That game was called Utopos, and it was released on Atari ST in 1993.

Atari Legend has published a documentary on the history of Utopos, check it out here:

Creating Utopos back in the day resulted in an amazing career in game development. I worked at Westwood Studios, the number one game studio in the world at the time, working on Command & Conquer franchise (here's my full history as a game developer:

Over the years I lost the passion and somehow drifted to doing something completely different. About three years ago, I was talking to my young kids. I had given up game developed several years earlier, so they had no idea I had ever made games. For them I was working the most boring business job, and they couldn't be less interested in my work. Somehow I mentioned that I used to be a game developer...

You should have seen their faces! It's almost as if I told them their dad used to be a rock star. Suddenly I was cool. We talked for a long time, and I ended up downloading Unity (which I had never used before), and tinkering something for a while. Then I asked my daughter to draw a game character on paper. We scanned it, and I imported it to the little app I had running.


All of a sudden, the little character she had drawn on a piece of paper was jumping on the screen! She was so excited! The next day when she came from school, the first thing she said was that she wants to make games with me again. And so we did some more tinkering, but it quickly became obvious that my skills were lacking. Kids are not very patient, and if I need to keep learning stuff all the time, they lose their interest. 

So, I decided that I need to re-learn how to make games. I had a long history as a professional game developer behind me, but I had never made mobile games, and I had never used Unity. In order to learn everything, I figured that the best course of action would be re-creating the first game I had ever made, from start to finish. 

That is why this game was made. I figured it would take about 3 months, but it ended up taking 3 whole years to get Guntech out. And then, another year for Guntech 2! Granted, especially early on I was working full time somewhere else, so I only had nights and weekends. Sometimes I had to take a couple of months off to do other stuff. But here we are now - for the past year I have worked full time on this and you can really tell. I'm really happy with the results. Most importantly - I am an all-in full-time game developer wannabe rock star once again!

Please enjoy Guntech 2! I have put a lot of love into creating it. If you have any questions or comments, the best way is to reach out through Discord:

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