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URG is a brand new retro-style rocketship shooter. It's based on an old concept, but implemented in beautiful, colorful 3D graphics and plenty of big explosions and particle effects. 

URG offers single-player gameplay with optional local co-op for up to 4 player multiplayer games. When playing the game, other players can connect additional controllers and hit the "fire" button to spawn and join the game.

URG is short for Utopos Rocketship Game and it is based on a game called Utopos that was released on Atari ST (an old computer from the 80s and 90s!) almost 30 years ago. What's cool is that URG was developed by the same person who created the original Utopos back in the day!

URG is available on Steam for PC and Mac and there's a free demo available for both platforms. Check it out right here!

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