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URG is available for PC and Mac. It's also available for Atari VCS, under the name Guntech.

This is a game that has been designed to play best at 60 fps (frames per second). It runs well on any reasonably modern computer, but if the game feels sluggish, try accessing the graphics level settings (press ESC in the main menu, then choose SETUP and GRAPHICS. Use the arrow left to lower the graphics level. The settings are not fully applied until you exit and restart the game. 

The screen resolution is set to the desktop resolution if you run in Ultra or Very high level, 1080p if you run on High or Medium, and 720p if you run in Low or Very Low mode.

We are updating URG regularly. The current version has over 30 levels spread across multiple distinct worlds which each have their own graphical style and gameplay features. We are adding more levels, more weapons, more widgets and even more ships over time!

URG works with keyboard and with any common game controller, such as with PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

If you need help, or if you just want to chat with the developers, please join our Discord here:

You can also reach us via email

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