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Music by Frank Klepacki!

We have some exciting news to share today! Award-winning composer, one of the best game music composers of all time, Frank Klepacki, is writing the original soundtrack of our new game, Raivo!

Utopos Games has a strong connection to Mr. Klepacki through our Westwood Studios heritage. As you may know, most of Utopos Games dev team used to work at Westwood Studios on the Command & Conquer (C&C) franchise, and Frank is best known for his work on C&C music.

Westwood Studios was one of the greatest game developers there has ever been, and Utopos Games in many ways resembles a Westwood alumni get-together!

The music style of the C&C score had strong cross-over commercial appeal, resulting in the score meriting its own stand-alone soundtrack. Moreover, he won the PC Gamer Magazine award for Best Game Soundtrack for “C&C: RED ALERT”. In 2012, its main theme "Hell March" was ranked #7 of top 100 video game themes of all time by  While working for Westood, Klepacki composed for other notable titles including “The Lion King”, “Blade Runner”, “Monopoly”, “Lands of Lore” and “Dune 2000”.

The title and the battle themes for Raivo are completed, and it's clear that this is yet another masterpiece by Frank! Raivo is due out in 2020 for PC, mobile and consoles.

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